As an Early Career Researcher, I am still in the early stages of building my publication record. If you are unable to access any of my work, I am happy to provide a pdf copy – just drop me an email at I also try to post pdfs to ResearchGate wherever possible.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Roberts, L. R., Bishop, I. J., and Adams, J. K. (2020). ‘Anthropogenically forced change in aquatic ecosystems: Reflections on the use of monitoring, archival and palaeolimnological data to inform conservation.’ Geo: Geography and Environment, 7(1), e00089.
  • Bishop, I. J, Bennion, H, Sayer, C. D, Patmore, I. R, Yang, H and Rose, N (2019) ’Filling the “data gap”: Using paleoecology to explore the decline of Najas flexilis (a rare aquatic plant).’ Geo: Geography and the Environment.
  • Bishop, I. J, Bennion, H, Patmore, I. R and Sayer, C. D (2018) ‘How effective are plant macrofossils as a proxy for macrophyte presence/abundance? The case of Najas flexilis in Scotland, UK.’ Journal of Paleolimnology 60(2), 153 – 165.

Book chapters

  • Van Noordwijk, C. G. E, Bishop, I. J, Staunton-Lamb, S et. al. (2020, in press) ‘Creating positive environmental impact through citizen science: A practitioners’ perspective.’ In: The Science of Citizen Science. Springer.

Commissioned Reports/White Papers

  • Bishop, I. J, Bennion, H and Sayer, C. D (2018, in press) ’Investigating the ecology and decline of Najas flexilis in the UK using ecology and palaeoecology.’ SNH commissioned report.

PhD Thesis

  • Bishop, I. J (2018) ‘Understanding the habitat and decline of Najas flexilis (Willd.) Rostk. & Schmidt in the UK using ecology and paleoecology.’ Thesis submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy, University College London. Full text can be accessed here.


Works in progress

  • Bishop, I. J, Warner, S, Loiselle, S and Nyoni, F (in prep) ‘Designing citizen science monitoring strategies for Sustainable Development Goal Indicator 6.3.2.’ Sustainability.
  • Bishop, I. J, Loiselle, S, Thornhill, I et. al. (in prep) FreshWater Watch: Investigating the health of freshwater ecosystems on an unprecedented global scale. Frontiers in Environmental Science.
  • Bishop, I. J, Thornhill, I, Watson, A, Velasquez, L. F et. al. (in prep) ‘Informing targeted water quality monitoring schemes using citizen science: The WaterBlitz approach.’

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